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The Recreational Program

The Dance Factory's recreational dance program begins in September and ends the last week of May. We follow the Cobb County School calendar concerning school holidays and inclement weather closings!

Please Note: we do not close for teacher workdays.

All recreational classes begin the Tuesday after Labor Day. Students take a one-hour combination Tap and either Ballet/Jazz class once a week. 

There is a monthly tuition due on the 1st of every month. Tuition begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 1st of May. 

There is a one-time performance fee that includes: costume (s), trophy, tights, and recital facility fees.

Class Description

Attendance must be consistent!


Polly’s Pre-School Ballet & Tap

45 minute combination - Age 3 to 4 yr olds


Ballet: This class is the essential foundation for development to learn basic ballet technique.  With a special emphasis on creative movement, song and dance, socialization, and fun these young dancers will find enjoyment in their beginning dance training.  This class is structured around simple ballet movements geared to this appropriate age group.

Tap: The beginning step for young tappers...the essential foundation for basic tap technique.  With an emphasis on pre-school tap technique, young dancers will find enjoyment in their beginning tap dance training.  This class is structured around tap technique that is age-appropriate.


Please note:…to sign up for Pre-School Tap one must be registered for Pre-School Ballet. The reason…ballet is the foundation for all dance and is considered the most important step for a child’s beginning dance education.  Also, all dancers must be fully potty trained at the time of registration.

Kinder Combination (Tap and Ballet Class)  Age 5 to 6 yr olds

The second step…At this age our dancers are introduced to the more elementary techniques of tap and ballet movement.  Tap…shuffles, hops, jumps, and simple combinations along with left and right memory, starts the process.  In ballet…the dancers learn body placement of the five basic positions.  Choreography is then introduced to emphasize these skills with creative music making this enjoyable for young dancers.


Polly’s Primary - (Tap, Ballet & Jazz Class)  Age 7 to 8 yr olds

The third step…at this level the young dancer increases skill level in both tap and ballet.  In tap… the level of movement and footwork is strengthened. In ballet…the study increases as dancers begin barre work.  This is a big transition year…the classes become increasingly structured with more emphasis placed on discipline. More is expected and practice becomes necessary.  Young dancers will be able to recognize and study the terminology (names of the steps) as well as execute them.


Polly’s Primary Jazz 

Some young dancers love the upbeat music and stylized movement of jazz.  Primary jazz will be taken in addition to the combination tap/ballet class.  This class is structured around basic jazz technique. They will love it!

Junior Polly's Combination Class

Tap and Jazz

(9 to 13 yr olds)

Dancers will already have the basic techniques in tap and ballet and will continue to strengthen their technique.  With more advanced ballet and tap barre work and repetition skills they will rapidly advance during the year. Now is the time to add jazz class...With increased ballet technique, the jazz combinations and choreography will become easier to master.  Increased muscle tone and strength will allow them to be more successful in all three disciplines.  one hour class in ballet/jazz and tap with the emphasis on each genre of dance



5 to 6 yr old

7to 8 yr old

9 to 12 yr old

Dancers will learn basic Hip Hop dance terminology and technique! These classes are designed for the student to have fun and learn in combinations in Hip Hop.  We encourage all of our students to take all dance genres, however, you can always take Hip Hop only!


Private Instruction (All ages)

Sometimes dancers work better one-on-one.  Private lessons for students in any discipline of dance can be requested.  Teacher and student work on the dancer’s individual needs to strengthen technique and performance skills.  Students are charged for ½ hour sessions.

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